Sewer Line Inspection and Locator
for Plattsmouth, NE

Dealing with a blocked sewer can be stressful for homeowners and business owners. Whether you’re in new construction with an issue, building on to an existing structure or have an issue behind a wall or underground, Plattsmouth sewer pipes aren’t usually easily accessible. When an issue does come up, you need a reliable team with the right technology to be able to find the problem and then correct it without causing more damage.

Major Drain – Sewer Camera Inspection

At Major Drain we use the sewer camera inspection to snake your sewer system to locate the problem and then diagnose the best way to fix it. Finding the problem with our sewer camera inspections is usually the easy part…knowing how to repair and having the right tools to fix an underground issue is what sets our team apart. Be wary of plumbers who do not use a sewer camera for this type of work. Even if your home or business is on a septic tank system, a sewer inspection can be and should be performed with a camera inspection.

Sewer Lines Clogged?

Occasionally sewer lines can become clogged with substances or break in places that you can’t see like behind walls and underground. In these instances, the best solution for your problem is a full sewer camera inspection. Our Plattsmouth sewer camera inspection allows us to take the guesswork out of sewer line problems by viewing video images of the inside of the pipe. Depending on the age of the pipes, we could be dealing with a variety of substances blocking a pipe. Being able to precisely pinpoint where the issue is with our sewer camera allows us to lower the cost of labor for our clients. Knowing exactly where we need to clear a pipe, replace a segment of pipe or in some cases replace a large portion of piping, helps us to only replace or repair what needs to be taken care of. This allows us to fix the problem quickly and cost effectively. The depth and location of the issue is recorded so that we can move any obstructions carefully and get to work.

Choosing a Reputable Company

From tree roots and collapsed pipes to something as special as a wedding band. Whatever’s in your pipes, we can find it, remove it or fix it and have you back up and running in no time. Without this technology, many plumbers will suggest that all piping will need to be replaced to fix a problem. Be sure to use a reputable plumber with sewer camera technology that invites you to watch your sewer line inspection footage in real time, on-site with them, so that you understand exactly where your issue is.

Common reasons a sewer line locator and sewer camera inspection may be needed:

  • Damaged sewer main requires repair/replacement
  • Avoiding sewer line during home remodeling
  • Obstructions in the pipe
  • Finding lost jewelry or valuables

We Specialize in Plumbing, Plumbing and Plumbing. Period.

With more than 20 years in the plumbing business, we are your plumbing company experts at what we do. We’ve kept our plumbing business as just that, purely plumbing. We are not general contractors or HVAC specialists. We are plumbers and we specialize in plumbing, so that we can be the best at what we do.

If water runs through it, we can help you repair it, replace it or install something new. We offer the most affordable drain cleaning, water heater installation, sewer camera inspection and line repair to the Plattsmouth area. We are a family run plumbing company that takes pride in every home or business we work with. Our technicians are trained to treat every home like it’s their own. Our licensed plumbers are trained to work with sewer cameras specifically to save you money on all of your plumbing problems.

Home Value: The Importance of Updated Plumbing

Your home’s value is always tied up in how well you maintain your home. Don’t let a slow drain line become a major issue for your potential buyers. Not only is it more pleasant to live with functioning plumbing, but it also adds to your Plattsmouth home’s value to have attractive, working and properly installed plumbing. Water flow and water pressure and drainage are usually a huge thing home buyers check when house shopping. A slow drain line may be a turn off for many homeowners. We can help guide you through a sewer inspection to make it an easy process. We can clean, repair and install all plumbing in your Plattsmouth home or business.

Our Service Team – always here for you, when you need us!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix a leaky faucet or do large sewer line inspection and repair jobs. Whatever your plumbing needs, our experts can fix it! Call and make an appointment for a camera inspection, that’s convenient for you. We will show up on time, listen to your needs, make recommendations, and help you determine the best solution based on our sewer camera and your budget. You can count on Major Drain to take the stress out of plumbing and drain problems.