Plumbing, Sewer Locating Services, and Drain Cleaning, Plattsmouth, NE

Dealing with drain and sewer issues at your Plattsmouth residence or business can be a wildly stressful and inconvenient experience. Here at Major Drain, we understand the importance of addressing these problems promptly and efficiently, and always put ourselves in the homeowners shoes when on site. Our team of highly-trained technicians is available 24/7 to provide affordable sewer locating, drain and sewer cleaning, and plumbing services in Plattsmouth, NE. We prioritize punctuality and strive to arrive at your location within an hour of your initial contact. Trust us to handle your drain and sewer needs with care and expertise!

Drain Cleaning Services

If you’re dealing with a floor drain that won’t drain, a clogged sewer line or clogged drains, a toilet or sink that’s blocked, or even root issues, Major Drain is here to restore the plumbing in your Plattsmouth home or business to its optimal condition in no time. We handle jobs of all sizes, from inspecting your sewer lines, pipes, and drain clogs with a camera to determine their condition, to using powerful drain augers to clear even the toughest blockages and ensure your drains flow freely once again.
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Sewer Locating Services

At times, sewer lines may experience blockages or damage in hard-to-see areas such as underground or behind walls. With Major Drain of Plattsmouth’s advanced full-color video camera sewer line inspection, we can easily locate and visualize even the most concealed sewer lines. Our camera eliminates the need for guesswork when it comes to identifying sewer line issues, providing precise information about the exact location and depth of the problem. This enables us to efficiently and effectively remove any obstructions.
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Faucet Repair and Plumbing Services

At Major Drain, we’re here to address any plumbing issues you may have in your Plattsmouth home or business. From fixing damaged pipes to upgrading your plumbing system, our team of highly trained professionals is at your service. With our fair rates and extensive experience (20+ years for our master plumber, 10+ years for our journeyman), we provide comprehensive assessments and offer all possible solutions. Rest assured, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide reasonable bids without any sales pressure. Contact us today for reliable plumbing services.

Kohler and Mansfield Toilet Repair, Plattsmouth, NE

Whether you need to someone to fix a broken pipe in your Plattsmouth home or need to get your toilet fixed, Major Drain is here for you. We specialize in Plattsmouth Mansfield toilet repair along with Kohler and American standard toilets. Our team responds quickly to your request and ensures that you can get back to normal utility usage as fast as possible.

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Looking for drain and sewer cleaning services from a full service plumbing company in and around Omaha, NE that can handle your clogged drain, broken pipes, water heater, and general plumbing needs? Give our team a call today to hear about our full scope of services ranging from hydro jetting to water heater repair.