Toilet Installation in Valley, NE

Replace you noisy toilet that won’t stop running with a new toilet. These problems can often be remedied with a simple repair. If not, you may need a new toilet to ensure maximum efficiency. Toilet problems require immediate repair to keep them from becoming more serious and expensive. If left unrepaired, the average running toilet consumes up to 7,500 gallons of water per year, wasting a fragile natural resource and your money.

Major Drain will install a new toilet in your Valley home to fix the following problems:

• Constantly running toilet
• Leaking toilet components
• Clogged toilet
• Toilet that does not flush properly
• Toilet Tank problems

Major Drain can replace your existing toilet with a high-quality toilet including:

• Moen Toilet
• Delta Toilet
• Mansfield Toilet
• American Standard Toilet
• Kohler Toilet