Plumbing Installation
in Omaha, NE

Whether you need a new water heater for your Omaha home or want to make over your entire bathroom — complete with new sinks, vanities and shower doors—we have the products and services to take your project from start to finish. Our expert installation team will work with you to do a job you’ll appreciate long after its completion in your Omaha home.

We can install any type of plumbing including:

  • Faucets
  • Shower and Tub
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Vanities
  • Water Heaters

Professional plumbers, like Major Drain, are key to ensuring that these systems are properly connected and maintained. We use a variety of tools and equipment to install, repair, and service plumbing systems, ensuring our team meets the specific needs of each family unit. In the installation process, our plumbers pay close attention to the location of pipes, making sure they run efficiently through walls and floors without disrupting the building’s structure. Cast iron fittings, for example, are often used for their strength and durability, especially in parts of the system that require robustness, such as basement lines or main drains.

Optimizing Residential Plumbing – Efficiency, Innovation, and Expert Installation

The integration of components like drain pipes, water supply systems, and plumbing fixtures must be done with precision to prevent issues such as leaks or inefficient water flow. Modern residential plumbing systems are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, often featuring advanced fixtures and systems like tankless water heaters to cater to the evolving demands of homeowners. Regular maintenance of these systems is crucial to ensure their longevity and to avoid frequent repairs, a service that professional plumbers at Major Drain provide. This comprehensive approach to plumbing installation and maintenance ensures that residential plumbing systems function effectively, providing comfort and convenience to residents.