Plattsmouth Plumbing Installation & Repair

Looking for Plattsmouth plumbing installation and repair? We serve a large portion of Southeast Nebraska, including Omaha, as well as Southwest Iowa. If you’re looking for a qualified plumber, there are some things you should look for and know to ask. We want you to make an informed decision and feel comfortable with who you invite into your home or business. Our family owned and operated team of licensed and insured plumbers and technicians will make your plumbing installation or repair as easy and seamless as possible.

At Major Drain, we specialize in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. We can take on major repairs like water line repair or replacement all the way down to simple faucet repair or toilet repair. We also handle water heater replacement or water heater repair. If you’re trying to find the right plumber for your job, consider these suggestions.

  1. Licensed, bonded and insured?

Ask for proof! Protect your home or business by simply asking for proof. It’s your job to make sure the person you’re hiring isn’t being dishonest before a quote is even discussed. 

  1. Ask about subcontractors.

You’ve now seen proof of insurance and licenses. Now, make sure

the person that provided proof, will actually be the person to perform the work. 

Seems silly, but it happens more than you know. Work is subcontracted out 

without your knowledge. Always ask who will be performing the work and ask 

again about Insurance and licenses if someone different will be working the job.

  1. Accurate estimate – Total cost of fix – never by phone! 

This may seem like something we don’t have to say, but don’t take a large repair 

quote by phone. There is no way an accurate estimate, on large jobs especially, can be given by phone without seeing the job and materials firsthand. 

  1. Are rates fixed or hourly? How long should the job take?

Ask whether rates are fixed or hourly before work begins. An experienced 

plumber should be able to accurately tell you how long a job should take.

  1. 24 hour help

Having a plumber as a resource is a huge asset. Having one readily available 

when you need them most, is an even bigger asset.

  1. National vs. Local

Is there even a question here? Your locally owned operations desperately need

your support. As for Major Drain, we will ALWAYS work our hardest to earn and 

keep your trust! 

  1. References

Ask for references and be weary if they are not easy to get. 

At Major Drain, we are family owned and operated. Every time we come to quote a job, we want to leave with a referral. Our goal is to complete your job fairly, quickly and most importantly, correctly! Give us a call today! We want to be your go to for all of your plumbing repair and installation throughout the Omaha area.