Professional Drain Cleaning for the Omaha Metro Area

When it comes to drain, sewer, or plumbing problems in the Omaha metro area, Major Drain’s highly trained technicians are the solution.

At Major Drain, we’re focused on providing our services with the highest standard of quality at a fair affordable price. We also believe every customer deserves friendly and prompt service, especially since we know drain, sewer, and plumbing problems often bring our customers a lot of stress. Major Drain is determined to provide all our services with the highest quality, fairest price, and best attitude so that our Omaha area customers know they can relax as soon as they give us a call.

We like to know the names and faces of our customers instead of treating them as a just an address or job number. We have selected our service technicians for their experience and high level of training in order to ensure we always perform the highest quality sewer and drain cleaning,
sewer line locating and inspection, and plumbing repairs.

Why Major Drain?

  • BEST Rates in the Metro: $180 for the first hour; $30 each additional 15 minutes
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Treat Clients as Names not Job Number
  • Always On Time — Often Arrive Within an Hour of Contact
  • No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

Call us anytime with any questions about our services. We’ve taken care of many types of blockages from roots to grease to food garbage to wet wipes to toys. Our clients typically call for bathroom and kitchen sink drain cleaning, shower and tub drain cleaning, or toilet and sewer cleaning. We know drain, sewer, and plumbing problems can cause a lot of stress and worry. Hopefully we can help take away some of that stress before we even get to your door.